And not the sexy kind, either.

I was just thinking last week that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a cold, and then I woke up this past Tuesday with a sore throat, and it all went downhill from there. How’s that for a jinx? I hate to blame it on the poor girl, but I’m 99% sure I picked this up from my sister. Her symptoms started about a week before mine, and with us living across the hall from each other and sharing a bathroom, it was inevitable. Wednesday was probably the worst. I stayed in my pajamas all day and could taste exactly none of the food I put in my mouth. I’m really glad I still had an appetite, but it’s so weird (and boring) to consume a whole day’s worth of food and not be able to taste anything.

Anyway, to pass the time, I’ve been doing a lot of what I’d probably do if I weren’t sick (although the idea of downward dog makes my head spin right now):

  • take an embarrassing number of pictures of my dog/nurse. Lucky for you, I only picked two to show you

doing yoga for me?

my obsession is borderline unhealthy

  •  reading a lot. This is the third book I’ve read since Monday and I’m already 2/3 finished, which I’m kind of miffed about because I don’t want it to end. You know how it goes.
I’ve also been flipping through this book, too. It’s kind of geared towards people who are actually employed (aka not me), but I’ve picked up some worthwhile tips.
  • taking this
No more of this stuff for me. I took the daytime capsules yesterday morning and it was fine, but almost as soon as I took the nighttime ones, I got majorly jittery and other weird sensations occurred that reminded me of when I was on Percoset after getting my wisdom teeth out five years ago. No bueno. Apparently the acetaminophen (fever/pain reducer) can have that effect on some people.
  • folding/putting away clean laundry in a sudden burst of energy only to quit halfway through for fear of collapsing from overexertion. (I’m a Leo. We tend to have a flair for the dramatic.) But, really, I was breaking a sweat. Not normal.
I really hope I get better by Sunday, because I’m volunteering at my area’s Girls on the Run 5K! Caitlin  mentioned on her blog awhile back about each chapter needing volunteers, and reading about the experience she’s had with it made it really difficult to not want to help out. It’ll be an early wakeup call for me, but no doubt worth it.
Lena (dog)’s stomach is making some wonky noises, which I think hope means she’s hungry…
DISCLAIMER: I should probably confess that my “fever” hasn’t been officially documented, and according to the thermometer known as mom’s hand I don’t have one. I really do feel like I have one, though, and anything for a post title, right?

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