A day in the life of a hypochondriac

Today I was feeling pancakes again. I decided to go with a different recipe, though, this time with an almond flour base. Enter Elana’s recipe.

with the mandatory maple syrup

Clearly I have not mastered the art of knowing exactly when to flip, but I still think these tasted pretty good. The almond flour gave it a much grittier texture, and you could definitely taste the nutty flavor in the pancakes.

These kept me stuffed for several hours. It was 70 degrees and partly sunny today, so after cleaning up the kitchen and showering, I headed outside to enjoy the weather while waiting for Zach to come over.

Let me begin this part of the story by saying that I am pale. The nice, polite term for that is “fair skinned”. I am beyond that. I have dark hair, dark eyebrows, and skin the color of a fish belly. It’s such a mystery to me. My dad and sister tan well, and I’m pretty sure my mom did back in the day (she is very protective of her skin now so I can’t really say for certain) I love being outside, but sometimes, the sun just makes me feel sort of “bleh”…lightheaded, slightly nauseated, etc. I changed from jeans into a skirt, and that helped a little bit. But by the time Zach came over and we were on a walk with Lena, I was not feeling well at all, so we had to turn around. Once we got back home, I headed straight for the bathroom…and then had to pop some Imodium. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s the truth. That along with sticking my nose in a bag of peppermint tea leaves and breathing deeply seemed to help. I’m also a giant worrywart when it comes to feeling sick, so I’m sure I probably worry myself sicker more often than not. I have no idea how to not do this, so any tips are greatly appreciated!

Although I do feel better now, I was only able to eat two or three bites of a pasta dish my dad made for dinner, and I’ve been feeling extremely bloated since then. I don’t know if it was the almond flour or the sun or a combination (and of course we can’t forget my hypochondriac tendencies that I’m sure contributed) but it definitely didn’t feel normal.

On a lighter note, my aunt’s poodle had four puppies on April 1. They’ve finally opened their eyes and are downright adorable. I’m not really a poodle person, but it’s difficult to say no to this:

they've named this one Tillman

That’s a screenshot from Facebook…apparently they won’t let you save images to your desktop anymore.

Occasionally my mom will FaceTime my aunt with her iPhone and we get to see the puppies in action 🙂

It’s probably about time for me to go to bed…Zach and I are taking over the kitchen tomorrow and I need my A-game.


One thought on “A day in the life of a hypochondriac

  1. Those pancakes actually look delicious! I’ve never tried making my own pancakes before, but I should… perfect morning comfort food!

    Personally, I’ve never had any trouble with the sun. In fact, I’m the kind that tans easily and LOVES it. But I do have a weak stomach when it comes to motion sickness, and I’ve found that ginger works wonders. I used to drink it in Gingerale, but lately I’ll have GT’s Kombucha Gingerade, Gingerberry, or Trilogy Kombucha since they all of ginger in them.

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