The Piranha Perspective

Last night, Zach (boyfriend, for any newcomers) and I were glued to a show he found on Animal Planet called River Monsters. It’s about Jeremy Wade, a biologist and fisherman, who travels in search of the slimy, unique, generally dangerous creatures dwelling in the murky waters of rivers around the world. I would post a picture, but I don’t want that to be the first image people see when they read this. So you can Google it if you’re that intrigued.

Despite the overall heebie-jeebieness that was River Monsters, it was actually an entertaining end to the first day of “real” spring weather this part of Ohio has had this year. It was in the high 70s and sunny, and Zach and I were able to drive around with the windows down.

Well, Zach drove.

I helped.


You can imagine my disappointment when I woke up this morning and pulled back my shades to see this:

Let’s ignore the fact that I did this after pressing the snooze button no fewer than five times. Maybe that explains why I didn’t bother to open my window or screen to take this picture.

Apparently I was feeling a little blue this morning, because it was in every part of my outfit.

blue tshirt, blue jeans, blue plaid details on my shoes

Let’s also ignore the fact that, while typing that caption, this song crept into my head. Yeah, that one.

Moving on.

In my first class I found it so difficult to keep my eyes open that I probably would have sold an organ for one of those trenta-sized coffees coming out next month at Starbucks. Instead, I just chugged water, which was no doubt healthier but did not have quite the same effect.

Shortly after class, I saw this tweet from the gym I go to:


Well, I wasn’t about to risk heat stroke to throw around weights when I have similar equipment in my own basement. Still, there went my favorite mid-day people watching/stress relieving activity.

A bit later in my Human Evolution lab, the girl next to me was blatantly trying to copy my homework.


It wasn’t at all a bad day, though. Not even close. I honestly mean this, and I am going to tell myself this every time things don’t quite go my way:

At least I wasn’t eaten alive by a piranha á la River Monsters.


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