After two days off school because of snow, today definitely felt like a Monday. I pressed snooze a few times on my phone alarm before finally and reluctantly getting out of bed. It wasn’t until after I’d made and consumed a big bowl o’ oatz that I realized the phenomenon that was going on outside.

It was sunny.

Ohio isn’t exactly known for being a particularly sunny state, especially in February, so when the sun does make an appearance, it’s a Big Deal. I had to capture this because who knows when I would see it again? (If you think I’m being dramatic, you probably don’t live here).

Taken from my bedroom just before 8:30 a.m.

Ain’t that purdy? It made the fact that I had to go back to school slash it was 10 degrees outside a little more bearable. Thursdays also mean that my first class is human evolution, which is easily my favorite class this semester.

My dad teaches where I go to school, and this semester our schedules just happen to work out so that we can go up to campus together. He teaches a little longer than I’m in class, so I usually go hang out at the student center. Today, however, I was in desperate need of caffeine and conveniently had some money on a Starbucks gift card from Christmas, so I posted up there for about an hour and a half.

notes and grande nonfat caramel latte

I was able to look over some notes, knock out an assignment for my online class and then some. Then I got hungry. Luckily my dad came to retrieve me (ha, doesn’t that make me sound about 7 years old?) just before I reached the “hanger” stage. My lunch was downright tasty, and I didn’t photograph it because I was too hungry and the photo really wouldn’t do it justice. You understand. For those Curious Cathies (and [insert boy’s name that begins with C here because my mind is blanking]) who are wondering what was so special about my lunch, I owe it all to Mr. Trader Joe. His veggie sausages were the star of the wrap I made, which also included roasted pine nut hummus and salsa (Trader Joe’s makes salsa without corn! Brownie points!). I just popped two of them in the microwave for about a minute and a half, broke them apart into smaller pieces, and rolled them up in the wrap. I quickly realized they were meant to taste like breakfast sausage, which was fine by me. I don’t really remember what real meat tastes like because I haven’t had it in so long, but I would have to say that these tasted pretty close to the real thing. Judge for yourself. Go buy some. No, Trader Joe’s is not paying me to say this. (I wish).

Some knitting happened after that.

This will eventually be a scarf. Eventually.

I learned how to knit over winter break and have been sloooowly working on a scarf. My ball of yarn has become quite tiny, though, and I have no idea how to continue with a new ball, so that’ll be interesting. Since I know my knitting escapades are absolutely fascinating, I’ll be sure to talk about them at length in each post.

Kidding. But when (read: if) I finish that scarf, you’ll hear about it. Mark my words.

Around 1:45, it was time to head back up to campus for my cognitive psych lecture. This is probably my least favorite class, but it’s also the only class where I know someone, so that’s a plus. My dad had a meeting that lasted for another hour after my class ended, so I holed up in the undergrad lounge with some reading and a Honeycrisp.

I don't know why there are other types of apples besides Honeycrisps

Yeah, I started eating before I took the picture. Whatever. I was happy that the hour I spent reading was relatively peaceful. I was the only one in the lounge save for the ten minutes during which an angry bro-type stormed in, typed furiously on one of the computers, kind of kicked a chair, then left. That was simultaneously entertaining and a little frightening. I hope his mood has improved since then.

I’m writing this post a little earlier than I think I normally will on a day like today because I’ve got to study for my first two exams of the semester next week: one on Monday, one on Thursday. Apparently I’m also going out for a bit tonight. Hey, I deserve some fun after the two grueling days of class I’ve had this week 😉

Until next time!


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